Mighty Casey Project

With an estimated 15 million babies born preterm each year, there’s a pretty good chance someone you know will give birth to a premature child. No one plans to become a NICU family. NICU families need the love and support of their family and community. That’s why Anything Family is proud to sponsor the Mighty Casey Project. The Might Casey Project provides sacks filled with goodies for babies and parents in the NICU. Doing a single thing, no matter how small, makes a big impact.

Please help us fill bags for NICU families in support of the Mighty Casey Project.

We are looking for the following donations:
Adult coloring books, colored pencils, newborn hats, infant blankets (hand made is appreciated too), newborn or preemie sleep sacks, newborn socks, packaged snacks or lactation cookies (no home made please) pumping bras, energy bars, gift/gas cards, journals, baby books for parents to read to their NICU babies, change for vending machines, keepsake boxes, and gender neutral preemie button up clothing (no zippers due to wires/cords).

Let us know if you are interested in having a donation box set up at your business!